Keep the fire burning

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We are back in the Netherlands and back to work: follow us on the program’s regular blog, on Facebook and AKV | St.Joost’s website.

Coming up next: a book presentation of last years graduates, this years’ graduation exhibition and open studio’s for the 1st years.

If you are interested in studying with us, more info on applications can be found here.

Thank you,

advisors and participants MFA AKV|St.Joost

Dinner in the Biggest Smallest House

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On sunday (after High Life Low Profile) we cycled or walked home to George and Saskia’s place in the West Village, on Manhattan.


We shared dinner in the Biggest Smallest house: tacos with beans, salad, pico de gallo, guacamole and more, cooked by George. And drinks!

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Vodka Cherry Aperitivo’s


A nice closure of our stay in New York. Thanks to George and Saskia, great hosts and wonderful people. We’ll miss you!



High Life Low Profile

High Life Low Profile, a 50 min presence and presentation of participants of MFA AKV|St.Joost, took place last sunday march 22 in NYC.

We gathered at the corner of Gansevoort St and Washington, near the entrance of the High Line. It was a beautiful but cold day, with lots of wind.


Different actions and performances took place up and around the High Line, ranging from a lecture of street poetry on iPad, wearing, placing, cutting, hiding, cleaning, healing to drawing, and a head stand.

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A shared moment, a gentle way to act;

inhale / exhale.

Thanks to all.

More pictures here:

Let Your Thoughts Fly Over Everything

Maud Oonk wrote a short text, reflecting her thoughts on our stay in New York, the process of making a work, and how to create a feeling of freedom.

‘The status of a person is determined by the social position he has. This position is education, income or the social surroundings. Income seems to be the main factor that gives status the highest value. The value is confirmed by the social circle one found him self in. It seems like the society forces a person to be in “the same kind with the same kind” in this way you will always stay within your status value.


My face was in a frozen position of surprise when I noticed the huge differences in status New York is having. If I tell someone about this big separation it seems to be a taboo to talk about. Because one will say; But, huh, New York is fun right?!  In New York I noticed that being from a particular ethnic group automatically determines your status. Neighbours in New York are divided into status, even. Accepting, or better to say ignoring, the differences, is violence within society. That harm is clearly represented in the form of skyscrapers, buildings I barely see within my field of vision.

I walked from block to block. I felt high expectations imposed by New York. Like, the skyscrapers are so high your successful-status needs to grow ever larger. Imagine, you are living in a skyscraper environment. Those high expectations are literally put on by your surroundings. They ask you; Do you have a successful or a failed life? Are you in the basement side or on floor 102 up?


I almost went in the status of feeling a raindrop, a mote, a blinking of your eyes, a gum wrapper, or something even smaller. What if I do not become successful? Then I’m a lost loser! But that high success can only be achieved by a superhero. There was no other way! I decided to make a superhero costume. To experience how it feels high up.

Together with Saskia Janssen who is doing the 1 year residence at ISCP I went looking for a Fabric shop in Queens, to buy fabric for the costume. We found the fabric store named Fabric City. I looked in he bargain corner for different pieces of fabric. The owner of the fabric shop told proudly to Saskia he rents out his fabrics for $ 3000 per day to Hollywood settings. So the success of that superhero costume is guaranteed!!


I started that same evening making the superhero costume. First I wanted to make a cape like a real super hero, of course. But soon I saw all kinds of possibilities with the different found fabrics and made a suit without a status. 

That status-free status of the suit worked well to get away from all expectations from my surroundings. I felt that possibility arose to come closer to myself, and my state of being. 

When you wear the “Status-less’ costume you get the chance to have a new relationship with anything and you can be open to whatever comes in to the mind. The costume is for everyone. Let your thoughts fly over everything. 

What you think, feel and desire that remains in the moment when you were wearing the costume. This heroic act anyone can do for themselves, dress up!’ 


Dreaming of shops & windows

Some great shops and windows we came across: The Compleat Sculptorplastic paradise, neighborhood shops, Better Living, Printed Matter and more. Another favorite of ours: The Strand.

A round of Chelsea Galleries

We visited a selection of galleries in the Chelsea district. There’s so much more to see – but there’s also only so much one can soak up in one afternoon…

We visited amongst others: White Columns, with works by Ann Greene Kelly, Bruce M. Sherman, Terry Williams, Lady Shalimar Montague, and Margaret: Chronlicle of an affair. The Kitchen,  Anicka Yi: You can call me F.

Andrew Kreps Gallery, Barbara T. Smith, The Smell of Almonds: Resin Works, 1968 – 1982.  Bartolami, The Radiants. With a.o. Anicka Yi, Erika Kobayashi, Chim Pom, Ei Arakawa, Nora Schulz, Sigmar Polke and many more.

David Zwirner, Alice Neel, Drawings and Watercolors 1927  – 1978. Susan Frecon, Oil Paintings and Sun. Blinky Palermo, Works 1973 – 1976.

500 Jefferson Avenue backyard studio

Dorina working in the backyard of 500 Jefferson Avenue, with help from Adriano and Piffin.

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Visit and meet artist in residence Laura F. Gibellini, Notes on a Working Space

On friday 20.03 part of the group visited Laura F. Gibellini, currently working as an ISCP artist in residence on the project ‘Notes on a Working Space’ at El Museo de Los Sures in Brooklyn.


Notes on a Working Space is conceived as a residency in which Laura F. Gibellini will explore specific components of her artistic practice in relation to the built environment. Gibellini’s installation in the gallery will reflect the environmental conditions as well as transitional nature of South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where Los Sures is located. The residency will be used to explore impermanence, invisibility and the difficulties of representing the fluid nature of a particular place. The work incorporates Gibellini’s writing, drawing and video.


Notes on a Working Space reflects on the gaps implicit in representation and on how that which is irrepresentable (the air, the ocean) remains unacknowledged and that which is unacknowledged remains un-thinkable. It is this ‘unthinkability’ and the possibility of imagining the irrepresentable that Gibellini is most interested in documenting.

El Museo de Los Sures is open for everyone interested during work hours, thus establishing bonds in the neighborhood.


Laura F. Gibellini’s recently completed DOM (Variations) a permanent public art installation for three subway stations in New York City that inspired the subsequent solo show De Rerum Natura , Slowtrack, Madrid, (2014). Her recent solo and group performative lectures and projects include Constructing a Place, ICI, New York (2013); Muestras de Archivo, Matadero, Madrid (2012); Variations on a Landscape, asm28, Madrid (2011); YANS & RETO, Anthology Film Archives, New York (2011); Night of Festivals 2012, Nottingham (2012); Video Guerrilha, Urban Space Projections, Sao Paolo, (2011). Gibellini’s first book Construyendo un Lugar /Constructing a Place was published by Complutense Universtiy of Madrid in 2012.

El Museo de Los Sures was born by a partnership between Los Sures with Cornell University and Churches United for Fair Housing to preserve the history of the neighborhood’s residents. This exhibition is the fifth collaboration between Los Sures and ISCP.

Thank you Laura, for having us!

Fun at Times Square


Times Square: photo by Adriano, with Mohadeseh, Marta, Danni, Maarten, Piffin, Dorina and Vinh.

Headlong workshop: David Bricks’ view

David Brick sended us these lovely images, taken by him during the workshop at Headlong, Philadelphia.

unnamed-6 unnamed-5